Giving up Smoking With Our Help
December 30, 2020
Category: Medical

Many times, patients try to quit smoking but are unsuccessful. A variety of lifestyle causes like stress, anxiety, and social circles that smoke can make quitting seem like a daunting task. We have helped many patients at Woodridge Clinic in Woodbridge, IL, cease smoking or tobacco use for good.

Although smoking can be a hard habit to break here are some of the benefits of non-smoking:

  • Increased lung capacity
  • Lower risk of lung cancer
  • Lower risk of complications with comorbid conditions like high blood pressure
  • More energy
  • Fresher breath and environment
  • Lower risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma attacks, and emphysema

What Can I Expect During My Smoking Cessation Program?

Quitting cold turkey is definitely an option, but many opt to wean their bodies from the consistent nicotine doses that cigarettes offer. Your doctor may prescribe a tablet or patch for you to wear, as well as make referrals to a counselor if necessary if life stressors are tough to handle without smoking.

Things You Can Do On Your Own

  • Change some of your habits. Some notice that they have a tendency to drink when they smoke, or smoke after lunch. See if you can change some of these behaviors on your own.
  • Reward yourself. Do something, like get yourself a gift, go for a walk or a healthy treat every time you hit a milestone with not smoking. These incentives will make it easier for you to hit your goals and not relapse.
  • Exercise. Moving around helps the body release endorphins and other chemicals that help you feel good. These chemicals feel similar to the way nicotine does when dosed.

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