The Importance of Social Distancing at this Time
July 08, 2020
Category: Health
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Find out why social distancing is crucial for stopping the spread of Covid-19.

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise across the US, our Woodridge, Lombard, and Lemont IL family physicians want to first provide you with the assurance that they are still offering medical care and treatment through televisits. This means that you can get proper medical evaluations, diagnose symptoms, and get prescriptions refilled by a qualified medical professional right on your smartphone or home computer. By providing telehealth visits we are ensuring that patients practice social distancing. Call our office to learn more about Woodridge televisits.

What does social distancing mean?

According to the CDC, social distancing means keeping at least six feet away from other people (not sure how to judge six feet? It’s about two arm's length). This means avoiding crowded areas and places with groups. When you’re in public areas like the grocery store or pharmacy you want to queue up safely by leaving that six feet of distance between you and the person in front and behind you.

What is the purpose of social distancing?

The main goal of social distancing is to stop the spread of Covid-19. Since this virus can spread easily from person to person it’s important that when you must go out in public that you keep ample space between yourself and others. Of course, this also means helping to “flatten the curve” by staying home and limiting time spent in public. Social distancing is for everyone, not just for those at high risk.

What if I have to leave the house?

While our Woodridge televisits are making it even easier for our Woodridge, Lemont, and Lombard IL patients to stay home (especially when they are sick) and still get medical care, we also know that some people don’t have the option to stay inside. Perhaps you need to pick up groceries for a loved one or you have to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. Here are some things to consider when leaving the house:

  • Make sure to avoid touching any surfaces (e.g. take the stairs instead of elevators)
  • Make sure you are practicing good handwashing
  • Do not touch your face (if you do touch your face make sure to wash your hands immediately after)
  • Some shops have senior hours, where those over 65 years old can shop first thing in the morning. Check with your local pharmacies, grocery stores, and shops to find out if they are offering senior hours or other helpful options like curbside pickup or home grocery delivery.

If you or a family member is dealing with symptoms that require a doctor’s evaluation here in Woodridge, Lemont, or Lombard IL, rest assured that you’ll still be able to get the treatment you need with Woodridge televisits. Call Woodridge Clinic today at (630) 910-1177 for our Woodridge location, (630) 620-6225 for our Lombard location, and (630) 754-8710 for our Lemont location.