Smoking Counseling

Smoking Counseling in Woodridge, IL

The physicians and staff at Woodridge Clinic agree with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: cigarette smoking is one of the greatest causes of preventable disease in the United States today. From COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) to lung cancer, stroke, heart attack, gum disease, pregnancy complications and more, smoking-related health problems continue to be rampant throughout the United States.

Cigarettes are Addictive

Smoking CounselingYet, health care providers everywhere talk to patients who want to quit the smoking habit, but simply cannot, particularly when they pursue smoking cessation by themselves. Common symptoms of nicotine addiction withdrawal include:

  • anxiety, depression, anger and mood swings
  • extreme hunger
  • craving tobacco

As such, Woodridge Clinic doctors urge their patients who are smokers to be open about their struggles and to take advantage of the help available to them through their primary care physicians. CDC research indicates that stopping smoking at any age dramatically cuts the risk for developing smoking-related conditions such as stroke or lung cancer and also lessens the wheezing, coughing, and other respiratory symptoms associated with the habit.

Smoking Counseling

Freedom from smoking succeeds when individuals seek help from the health care community and from other individuals familiar with the struggles associated with quitting. The primary care physician and staff many tools at his or her disposal to assist individuals. The CDC says most people who have successfully quit smoking began the journey with a 10-minute talk with their doctors.

When seeking help, individuals should explore:

Referral to individual or groups counseling. Talking through strategies and challenges encourages people to stay with their goals to quit smoking. Group and one-on-one counseling offer smoking cessation plans, self-help tips and ways to cope with withdrawal.

Telephone counseling. Many local hospitals and health care agencies offer educational materials and individualized help over the phone. 1-800-QUIT-NOW is a toll-free number which accesses service by the National Cancer Institute in all 50 states. Counselors provide free advice 24 hours a day, including assistance with withdrawal symptoms, resisting cravings in smoke-filled environments and information on medications.

Smoking Medications

In addition to smoking counseling, Woodridge Clinic physicians offer information on nicotine alternatives. These over-the-counter and prescription medications gradually wean individuals off the nicotine formerly supplied by their cigarettes. The medications come in the form of lozenges, gum, patches, nasal spray, and inhalers. Non-nicotine drugs include Chantix and Zyban. They work best in combination with personal counseling support.

Woodridge Clinic

Woodridge Clinic offers smoking cessation counseling as part of its overall plan of coordinated care for patients of all ages. Contact (630) 910-1177 to arrange for a consultation with a primary care provider at one of the three locations in Woodridge, Lemont or Lombard, Illinois.

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